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Dongbo Logistics co., ltd. can deliver “your freight" most conveniently and cheaply. Based on our spirit, “Your Success is Our Business!”, we think from the perspective of customers and always make efforts to enhance convenience for customers.




We provide various logistics services such as import & export freight transport by sea and air,

and delivery from the location of a trading partner.




We have specialty in delivering Import/Export LCL CARGO to all parts of the world such as China,

South East Asia, the U.S. Europe/the Mediterranean Sea and Australia.




By signing SERVICE CONTRACTS with 10 shipping companies, which travel in and out of Korea,

we provide low-cost ocean transport services of various kinds for U.S.-bound import/export freights

in a prompt and accurate manner.




A. Various SERVICES are available regarding ocean and airfreight transport, and more in intermediary trade.


B. We have extensive experiences in placing ORDERS for materials at third countries for factories     operating in overseas and managing ocean and airfreight transport. We provide air and ocean

    transport services for shipment sent from overseas factories to third countries.


C. We have lots of T/S experiences at Busan for air and ocean shipment from and to the U.S. and

    Asian countries such as China. Also available is Busan port T/S for LCL freight particularly

    bound for China/U.S., U.S./China and East Asia.




We are serving as a transport agent for globally renowned BUYERS and providing CONSOL SERVICE.




The management and employees at Dongbo Logistics co., ltd. always do business from the

perspective of customers and work to enhance convenience for our customers. And we will do our

best believing that the success of our customers is our success.