Based on our long experiences regarding ocean freight, we signed transportation contracts with many

national shipping companies. By doing so, we secured ‘competitive rates’ and ‘stable services’ from the shipping companies, thereby providing services that meet customers’ needs.


We signed transportation contract with many prominent shipping lines for export/import ocean cargo Ex/To Korea. For the USA business, we registed Dongbo logistics co., ltd as a NVOCC(Bond # JGINVOCC220) with FMC(Federal Maritime Committe) of USA and signing Service contract(S/C) with well-known shipping companies, we are providing various services at rates offered by many shipping companies for your U.S bound-freight.


Through our services, you will be able to experience maximum satisfaction of various kinds.





We are always able to ship our customers’ LCL freight to all parts of the world. Also, we offer prompt and

responsible transport services to all our customers, while at the same time serving importers at destinations

to their satisfaction.





We have much KNOW-HOW about transporting machinery, heavy equipment and all kinds of BULK freight,

which cannot be delivered by a container unit. Dongbo Logistics co., ltd. will cut customers’ logistics costs by

always striving to devise the optimal transportation methods/ways for the benefit of our customers.